Showcase and sell your art by renting a space at one of our incredible venues during Denton Makers Fest.


Denton Makers Fest General Info

Who should apply?
Anyone with a small business selling handmade goods can apply to Denton Makers Fest. Some examples could be jewelry, prints, stickers, custom or vintage clothing, ceramics, treats, candles, soaps, paintings, crafts, and so much more.
What do I need to bring?
Vendors must provide their own tables or chairs along with personal promotional material and what you will be selling. Owning an awning is not required but allows you more space to sell your work.
When can I apply and when will I hear back?
Applications open November 18th and close February 18th. Vendors will be notified of their acceptance on March 4th.
When is the show and when should I show up?
The show is on April 29th from 1-7. Vendors should arrive at their perspective venue from 10:30-11 to check-in. The setup is from 11-1.
Where is the event located?
On the Denton Square. Oak St. will be closed and a 300 ft awning will be built to house all of our table vendors. Tent vendors will be located on the lawn.
How do I know where to set up?
If accepted, you will receive a welcome package with all the information you need to know about where and how to set up.
How much room will I get?
Vendors selling at tables will get about 4x6 feet of room for their booth. Vendors who provide an awning will have around 10x10 feet.
How much does it cost to apply?
There is a $5 application fee required to apply to the show. If selected, there is an additional fee to confirm your spot. $65 for a table and $120 for a tent space.
Can be a vendor and in the juried show?
Yes! Click here to learn more about our vendor event!Juried Show FAQ
How can I stay updated on important events and deadlines?
The best way to be the first to hear about everything DMF related is by joining our mailing list and following our instagram!

Frequently asked questions.